Hepcidin Peptidomimetics – Oral Efficacy in Pre-Clinical Disease Models of Iron Overload and Erythrocytosis

Roopa Taranath, Gregory Bourne, Jie Zhang, Brian Frederick, Tran T Tran, Ashok Bhandari, Jayanthi Vengalam, Jaimee McMahon, Keith Huie, Grace A Ledet, Li Zhao, James Tovera, Larry Lee, Bo Yang, Celino Dion, Lucy Yuan, Genet Zemede, Michelle Nguyen, Mohammad Masjedizadeh, Xiaoli Cheng, Larry Mattheakis, David Liu, Mark L Smythe, The 62nd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, December 5-8, 2020, virtual meeting (originally scheduled for San Diego, California, USA). View Page