Utilizing a peptide technology platform for the de novo discovery of first and best-in-class drugs

The platform has been applied to develop agonists and antagonists of a diverse array of difficult targets such as cytokines, cytokine receptors, integrin, transmembrane solute transporters, GPCRs, and ion channels. Potential drug candidates are optimized and ultimately delivered as either injectables or pills to maximize systemic drug levels, or to minimize systemic drug levels in an orally-delivered GI-restricted approach. Clinical assets emanating from the platform include, but are not limited to, rusfertide, PN-943, and PN-235.

Our peptide technology platform encompasses multiple tools and methods, and proprietary know-how that enables us to engineer the desired degree of potency, specificity and selectivity, solubility, metabolic stability, and manufacturability with specific peptidomimetic and chemical modifications. These tools and methods include: