At Protagonist, we proudly support educational efforts related to therapeutic areas in focus for our company. These include disease awareness campaigns designed to educate the broader public about polycythemia vera and ulcerative colitis, for example. We support continuing medical education programs designed to inform healthcare providers of new scientific advances that might translate, at some point, to new therapeutic options for patients.

More broadly, we support and strongly believe in the importance of life sciences education. At the management level and throughout our company, Protagonist team members are active sponsors, mentors, and hosts for students seeking to broaden their understanding of life sciences in the interest of advancing human health.

We also place emphasis on educating ourselves—especially with respect to the patient experience. Through patient surveys and roundtables, for example, we gain a better understanding of unmet needs from the patient point of view. This perspective informs and motivates our guiding strategy and daily work.


We participate in major medical conferences, industry forums, and patient advocacy events as they take place around the world. We value opportunities to contribute to the exchange of scientific knowledge. Similarly, we value opportunities to connect with patients and caregivers who may one day benefit from the translation of science into approved interventions. In a given year, members of the Protagonist team can be found in esteemed venues, presenting latest findings from a clinical study, or t-shirt clad on organized walks for disease awareness—all with the same vigor and interest.


At Protagonist, we believe in the importance of stakeholder and community engagement. Across our company, team members are engaged in external organizations that strengthen our communities, advance innovation, and service needs. These include Women in Bio San Francisco, Biocom Bay Area, California Life Sciences, and many more.