Past Events (pre-IPO)

Protagonist has presented at and/or attended the following conferences:

June 6-9, 2016

2016 BIO International Convention
San Francisco, CA

May 21-24, 2016

DDW 2016
San Diego, CA

Poster Presentation Title: Establishing the Human Equivalent Dose for PTG-100, an Oral Peptide Antagonist of Integrin α4β7
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, Noon - 2:00 PM
Presenter: Larry Mattheakis, Ph.D.
This abstract has been selected as a “Poster of Distinction” and rated in the top 10% of all AGA abstracts selected for presentation at DDW 2016

Presentation Title: Discovery of Novel and Potent Orally Stable Peptide Antagonists of the Human IL-23 Receptor and Their Pre-Clinical POC in Rat Colitis Models
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 11:15 AM- 11:30 AM
Presenter: Ashok Bhandari, Ph.D.
This abstract has been selected for oral presentation at DDW 2016

April 19-21, 2016

Cambridge Healthcare Institute’s Eleventh Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry
San Diego, CA

Title: PTG-100: An Oral Peptide Antagonist of α4β7 Integrin for Ulcerative Colitis
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 8:35 AM
Presenter: Larry Mattheakis, Ph.D.

Presentation Title: Orally Stable GI restricted Peptides for InflammatoryBowel Diseases
Date/Time: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 4:10 PM
Presenter: Ashok Bhandari, Ph.D.

April 4-6, 2016

BIO-Europe Spring
Stockholm, Sweden

January 11-13, 2016

Biotech Showcase 2016
San Francisco, CA

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 3:15 PM
Presenter: Dinesh Patel, Ph.D.

November 2-4, 2015

BioEurope 2015 – 21st Annual International Partnering Conference
Munich, Germany

December 10-12, 2015

2015 Advances in IBD – Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s Clinical & Research Conference
Orlando, Florida

October 20-21, 2015

BIO Investor Forum
San Francisco, CA

September 28 - October 1, 2015

Boulder Peptide Symposium 2015
Boulder, CO

July 14-18, 2015

17th International Congress of Mucosal Immunology (ICMI 2015)
Berlin, Germany

June 15-18, 2015

2015 BIO International Convention
Philadelphia, PA USA

May 18-20, 2015

IBC’s Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit
San Francisco, CA USA

May 6-7, 2015

Peptide Therapeutics PEGS Summit
Boston, MA USA

May 4-6, 2015

IBC’s 17th Annual TIDES Conference
San Diego, CA USA

April 20-21, 2015

Oxford Global’s 2nd Annual Peptides Congress
London UK

March 20, 2015

Biocentury’s 22nd Annual Future Leaders in the BioTech Industry Conference
New York City, NY USA

March 9–11, 2015

BIO-Europe Spring
Paris, France

March 3-4, 2015

8th Annual European Life Science CEO Forum & Exhibition
Zurich, Switzerland

February 9-10, 2015

Bio CEO & Investor Conference
New York City, NY USA

January 12-14, 2015

BioTech Showcase 2015
San Francisco, CA USA

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